Cold pressed

For blackseed oil to work at its best it should be carefully cold pressed. There is always the question of using the best seeds and what are the best seeds?

This is indeed an interesting and important question. In Germany it is believed that the best seeds come from Egypt. In fact allmost all brands promote them selves as coming from Egypt. It is not what I have experienced. Good seeds can come from Egypt and so can weak. I have found generally the best blackseed come from India, that is my personal experience.

When a company has found the best blackseeds they should be taking good care to press them cold on a good cold press machine. Blackseed is packed with valuable healing components which can be disturbed by a press that is too fast or too severe.

When the oil has been correctly pressed with good quality blackseed the result should be a rather pungent oil which should have a certain sharpness. While the oil may be a little too strong for some people it may always be added with pure orange juice.